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1930's Dust Bowl The American Waste land History Repeats Itself 

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Our only planet? - The one we all live on has gone through many changes - Humanity needs to prepare themselves - The Planet itself along with the Universe - is evolving - Traveling beyond what we know as a people needs to take place - Now stopping the old bastards in Government from taking humanity on a path of self destruction is another issue - One thing we have on our side is time, and it might not be enough this time around - The old bastards who have created this mess won't live forever - it is up to the rest of us to teach the youngest generation what to do - our planet is a ticking time bomb . We need An Environmental Revolution in it's own right - once the cycle of life is broken - cures to Pandemics and other issues may never be found - Everything comes from nature and your all taking part in destroying it. When we had this site up before we warned everyone about the Pandemic - Trump called it a Hoax - MSNBC didn't do shit and the list goes on - Everything Documented - It is all on our founding site - all the information on that site will be transfered back on to this one concerning the Covid-19 and other issues are planet is facing.

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