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This page is under construction - Today however the hippy chick that works at the place I get my Cig's at [ Native America All Natural - with no Government BS Killer Chemicals] Any ways she asked about metal straws - Ok her point was people will trip and get it stuck in there throat - NOTTA chance if you listen to us and think outside the box - make weird straws.

Supply Company List

Tubing can be bought at most hobby stores

Now this is for the little peace people in our group - the arts and crafts and metal workers - Take a steel stainless tube or copper or brass tube and make a spring at the top and just a small spout in middle to drink from so that way if you fall - the only thing you will get is a slinky in your face. We will make some -  she said I could get rich redesigning and designing items - its not about the money we get Zero Funding-this is a save the planet project and maybe give someone honest start up ideas - Our soul mission is to save the planet!

Design Concepts

Tube Bender or have a metal worker make you a bending jig