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Education - Family Values 

​* It's pretty simple  - dividing waste into three sections -( more if we can get people to do this) For now baby steps need to turn into leaping forward the planet is on life support. We will start on the food waste - More to come.

Underground Storage - Think About it?

Small Power Supply

Our Planet Is On Life Support!

Global Solutions

Zero Plastic Program: Thank you to all who are trying the efforts over the past 10 weeks in England is dually noted.

Turning waste into top soils - the planets recycle program sucks ( We will ad to this)

If the smart ones start thinking about taking the massive waste that critical mass is going to cause taking that waste can create top soil - we can cut back the Sands of time from spreading, Stabilize the ground one step at a time, you can't grow much in sand. we will ad more - think out side the box.

Environmental Underground




Underground water supply above ground solar power - people start thinking ?