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Egypt's exports of jewellery, precious stones hit over $2 bln 2019

Egypt's exports of jewellery and precious stones increased by 19% to record $2.036 billion in 2019, compared to $1.715 billion in 2018.

In its monthly report released on Sunday2/2/2020, the Export Council for Building Materials (ECBM) said the UAE topped the list of importing countries by $1.378 billion in 2019.

It underlined that Egypt's exports to Canada upped by 180% to register 629 million dollars in 2019, against 225 million dollars in the previous year.

Egypt's exports of jewellery and precious stones to Lebanon receded by 98% in 2019 to register nearly 1 million dollars, compared to 68 million dollars in 2018, the report said.


Making use of every part of an Animal when taken to feed the mass's - Giving thanks for what we have and what was given.

Mother Earth Treasures

        Since the turn of time - parts of an animal have been used to make tools - clothing and weapons. 

​        Taking and wiping out Animals for ones power and greed is not something we are going to stand for - breeding animals for food and - lets say - the Ivory serves purpose to everyone in Africa breeding the Elephant  - which could feed many people and provide Ivory for income - is a smart way to go - The Elephants survive - people eat and people make money by using every part of the animal - along with enjoying the beauty of watching them Roam free.

          Just as it is with cows - and the waste product used in making fertilizer - and so - come on people think out side the box. Your giving back - retaining life as we know it provide clean jobs - without chemical crap.

          Leather boots - those big Elephant hides would go a long way in making sofa's  -  nature is a gift -  and so it will return to nature and bring life back to the planet. Unlike plastic. Think - Act - Get Involved

         A percentage of sales world wide could go into a Super Fund to make improvements to land for the Animals - its just a win win for the planet.