Methane Gas

On NASA website you can view the study on Methane Gas - for a few years people that belong to our Group have been working on this issue along with many others that we face. Our study will come out in the near future - just one more project that we [ Our Group - Independent Study ]  are involved in and have been..NASA Study on link below.

                                                                                We are a grass roots Research and Development group of volunteers - some of us are up in age - others are kids from local colleges - a wide range of ideas being brought to light - not for money but the soul mission - Save the Planet. We are looking for used equipment microscopes - other used lab equipment-  Bincoular's , other Equipment we can fabricate . We know some of you have it. We buy what we can out of our own pockets - we have not done fund drives or anything of that nature - we are out to change the way things are done - the soul purpose of most activist groups is to make money - our different approach to helping is simple - we all dig in and help each other for a common cause. People gave up helping because groups took the money they got and  bought homes -  cars - ect..... You get the point. We do this because we care - its all being done for free - why  - again because we care - really care - If we do nothing - we will have nothing. We could of got our 501 Non- Profit a few years back when we were helping with flood restorations - that went on the side for now.

                                                                                However you look at it - its from the heart - for all our children's future- nothing more nothing less . Some of our people do design work- welders - lab techs  - we have students who are in videos production- the list of help is endless - each has talent - combined we make a great team of people. Get involved - our physical mailing address will be up on our site between Now 12/30/2017 and Feb 2018 Thank to all who care and are working toward a brighter future our ideas and designs will be used world wide - somethings we have put on the net on other sites have been implemented . We will also work with Colleges [ near future ] here in the US and around the world with study data - again a shared effort - its going to take a massive effort. So if you have anything mentioned above and would like to make a gift of those items we could use it - its for a great cause. New Email Address coming - Local Florida Mailing address coming. Thank you God Bless .


One of our projects is to acquire a boat in 2018 - We are currently looking for a run down boat to fix - we have people who are highly mechanical in nature - not much we can't fix or build - the rest of what we are currently designing for our studies is being kept quite for now

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