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NASA/NOAA : No one country alone can afford to effectively monitor the entire Earth. NOAA uses data from partners around the globe to create a more complete understanding of our dynamic planet.
Raping America - Didn't Wall Street Make Enough Off The TAX CUTS - There is more then enough oil in the world Venezuela - Pipe Line From Canada - Iran - Russia - Kenya - We call Bull Shit With These Yearly On Going Gas Price Games '

​The Future Is Here - Reach For The Star's - Satellites Helping Save Planet Earth

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America The Land Of Toxic Waste

As Climate Change  takes control over our lives - it leaves in its wake death and decay. Our shore lines in Florida have become a melting pot - a dumping ground for man-kinds waste. The life that once adorned the Oceans and the shore lines are now being killed off with little concern or care. I walked the beach line-watched people laying in the sun - playing in the waters and found myself snapping many photos. On the way home listening to the radio and the politic ads about cleaning up our water ways - I found myself laughing - how twisted people have become. Its time we take control and educate our young - they are the last hope. God help us.

​Cross over coming back from beach side.

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