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NASA/NOAA : No one country alone can afford to effectively monitor the entire Earth. NOAA uses data from partners around the globe to create a more complete understanding of our dynamic planet.
Raping America - Didn't Wall Street Make Enough Off The TAX CUTS - There is more then enough oil in the world Venezuela - Pipe Line From Canada - Iran - Russia - Kenya - We call Bull Shit With These Yearly On Going Gas Price Games '

Environmental Project

‚ÄčThe Future Is Here - Reach For The Star's - Satellites Helping Save Planet Earth

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        The fragile balance that was created long ago has been broken - all that has been given to mankind to care for and for it to return substance and life -  has been broken, it has reached a breaking point, the planet has given us life - the planet has given us cures and those future cures may never be found if we keep on this path of self destruction - 

International Affairs The Circle of Life Has Been Broken 

        The over use of Chemicals has infected the soils and the waters - cancer has plagued mankind from its use birth defects have plagued families world wide - now take a look at what its doing to the insect world and beyond.