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Turn The Planet Green
Solutions To Our Problems Check Us Out ! Massive Water Pipe Lines, Food , Water , Shelter, Jobs, Make life Great Again, Think ,Act And Get Involved !
We Can Save The Planet
It's time to fight back before we have nothing left. Get Involved.Show the world we care, show the world there is a better way to live
We have a huge problem with dust , flooding , wild fires and the list is growing.
The blind leading the blind
We can Reduce -Recycle - Reclaim - Reuse
We can take waste land and reclaim it and produce food and produce long term jobs
Simple solutions will take a massive world wide effort.
This our world - lets take care of it !

Turn The Planet Green 

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NASA/NOAA : No one country alone can afford to effectively monitor the entire Earth. NOAA uses data from partners around the globe to create a more complete understanding of our dynamic planet.
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